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If more than 25yrs old, I went for a walk along the shore near where I live, I found a seat and sat down to watch the river. A guy almost twice my age that happened to me, something about diddnt until he turned and said it is okay to sit at your side, I sat down I feel free. S he started talking to me and said his name was Alan, Graham said in speaking of all things, when it started raining, Alan said cumbrains not now want to come live with me cumbrains said oh yes, please have go to your place, we are, let's go. went into the living room to sit, he said he wants to get something to drink, alan in2 room came with a bottle of whiskey and coke, poured the drinks and sat in front of me while we talked, drank, as he , moving your body sitting in the seat, stood up and said : IVE you want to watch a video, which cumbrains could put, the film began, a man stroked his hard cock, my cock twitch I thought it was this kid its very hard cock jerks when the boss was notwn and licked his cock n down, then took the head in the mouth, my penis was very hard, I have seen on Alan had his cock jerk in his hand and looked at me, licking his lips, he looked at his cock was very thick, the head was very bright and moist in the eye. I looked back at the movie and I realized that he was a dick sucking guys, I heard a movement on my part, I was alan around him cumbrains all his hard length saw was a few inches from my face, cumbrains I looked, he smiled and said, sucking, he put his hand on the back of the head to pull me closer to his cock looked fat, I'm swollen head, which was very wet with his precum, I was against my mouth, pulled my head as he pushed his cock, my mouth opened, his cock stretching my mouth as I pushed, grabbed my head and began a slow fucking, I could taste the juice as he pushed harder and faster I heard moaning, was near the entrance Cumming, felt he was an even more fat in my mouth, then moved his fat monster of my mouth held my head while sipping hot thick sauce in the mouth cumbrains and face, jet began after hot jet hit me in the face as he listened, finally shooting his juice 'm fat head of his cock dripping wet sperm is well put it back in my mouth and licked and sucked clean. Alan sat in his chair and sighed, dick in hand, was still so fat, she smiled and said it was good to suck cock very well, so we'll be there again when she smiled along with him, and he said yes, please, I have unfortunately never with Alan and I moved from the area, but the memory of this day with me forever fulfilled.
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